When did we start to travel for pleasure?

Tourism as we know it today is a true economic phenomenon that really began in the 18th century. The appearance of the great European journey that the young French, Scandinavian, or Russian people of the high society used to call. The Grand Tour. Since its birth tourism has had time to evolve and diversify.

Medical and aesthetic tourism

The reasons for which we travel today are extremely diverse. This branch of tourism consists of traveling to receive treatment that may not be available in the country of residence or that is better done elsewhere. A sub-branch of medical tourism is aesthetic tourism, which consists of traveling to have cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments.

Gastronomic tourism

Another form of tourism, a culinary tourist is a traveler whose main motivation is to try the food and drink specific to the place where he or she is traveling. If you are passionate about food, or you work in the gastronomy industry looking for new recipes and inspiration this type of tourism could be of interest to you.

Spiritual tourism

Once reserved exclusively for the wealthy, this type of tourism is now open to all for various reasons people decide to visit places of worship around the world. If you are interested in this type of tourism you can go to Turkey to visit the magnificent Blue Mosque or the imposing cathedral of Saint Basil in Russia.

Blue tourism

Also called beach tourism, this kind of tourism is the most popular and widespread form of tourism around the world. This tourism is extremely beneficial for countries with access to the beach and for the islands. The beach and the sun are not only perfect for relaxing, but also for taking beautiful pictures in swimsuits for your