Is the moon the next tourist destination?

Are you tired of the multitude of landscapes that the planet earth offers us? Maybe you need to see more spectacular sights. Maybe you need to go further. Perhaps you want to visit space or spend the summer on the moon. Space tourism will be possible and sooner than you think.

Why do we want to visit space?

Space represents, contrary to our planet, this infinite space which has not yet been explored and which is so coveted. Many billions have been invested in the exploration of space and for some time now this privilege reserved for the elite among us could soon be more and more open to the public. It was not until the year 2001 that the term space tourism has been made possible for the wealthiest among us who have the dream of going into space. Two possibilities had been offered to people. The first and most expensive one consists in following a long training in order to be able to stay in the International Space Station. The second option and less expensive also especially less unpleasant one consists in spending only a few minutes in suborbital flight.

Where are we today?

Even though it is widely criticized for the risks that space tourism can have on our ecosystem, a lot of money continues to be invested in this form of tourism. South African billionaire Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, has announced a space trip for the fall. For the first time tourists will be able to spend several days in orbit around the earth in their capsule. This trip is not cheap, however, as it costs 35 million dollars to reserve a place in the rocket. Although space tourism is still excessively expensive, it will soon become more accessible