The most popular tourist scams

Traveling for pleasure is how the word tourism has been first defined in the 1930s. Traveling in order to discover new cultures and horizons is nowadays a very popular and relaxing activity that some people even decide to go on a world tour. Because we want you to spend a great time we have made a small selection for you of the most common tourist scams.

Vietnam, Thailand, India, Chile, and Vietnam.

These countries known for the beauty of their landscape and their cultural diversity is a real nest of scam tourists. Public transportation is a real trap for those of us who are not informed. They have a very simple trick where the cab driver makes the trip last as long as possible in order to make you pay more for your trip. Another trick, a little more elaborate this time, is to make you believe that the sites and monuments you want to visit are all closed for some reason. Then He will offer you his help by driving you to stores or travel agencies with whom everything has already been planned, and they will pay him a commission in return.

Argentina, Hong Kong, Nepal, Costa Rica, and Peru

A simple walk in the street can be dangerous if you don't know where you put your feet. A man who claims to be a saint can bless you without your permission and then insists that you pay him. You try to be a good to a woman by buying her milk for her children, and she is actually in cahoots with the store to whom she returns the milk and shares the money. By being careless, your happiness can quickly turn into nightmares due to the many scams that await you during your trip. You are in a country that is not your own, so it is important that you get the right information before making any trip.

When did we start to travel for pleasure?

Tourism as we know it today is a true economic phenomenon that really began in the 18th century. The appearance of the great European journey that the young French, Scandinavian, or Russian people of the high society used to call. The Grand Tour. Since its birth tourism has had time to evolve and diversify. Medical and aesthetic tourism The reasons for which we travel today are extremely diverse. This branch of tourism consists of traveling to receive treatment that may not be available in the c... Read more

Let’s choose your next destination

Traveling to discover new countries is a very soothing activity for human beings. In order for this experience to remain a real pleasure from the beginning to the end, it is necessary to carefully choose the countries you are willing to visit. We have made a ranking of the countries around the world according to their safety for tourists. The most secured countries in the world. At the top of this list we have Iceland, which is considered the safest country in the world. In addition, not having... Read more

Is the moon the next tourist destination?

Are you tired of the multitude of landscapes that the planet earth offers us? Maybe you need to see more spectacular sights. Maybe you need to go further. Perhaps you want to visit space or spend the summer on the moon. Space tourism will be possible and sooner than you think. Why do we want to visit space? Space represents, contrary to our planet, this infinite space which has not yet been explored and which is so coveted. Many billions have been invested in the exploration of space and for som... Read more

Be well-prepared for your vacation

Planning your trip is an important step. Either it is well-prepared or not, this step will largely determine how your trip will turn out. There are many parameters to take into account to have a great vacation. Establish a Budget Establishing a budget is the first step for the trip. This step is not to be neglected. You must establish with precision the amount you are ready to invest in transportation, lodging, visits, food, shopping, souvenirs, extracts and unforeseen events. It is imperative t... Read more